I recently attended a meeting at the home of a friend who is active in the movement to assist refugees.  What was interesting to observe was that several people there had voted for Trump; but, in spite of their politics, the plight of refugees was their primary concern.  It made me wonder whether this issue can create an organic movement in America.

We have always been a people that is generous of spirit and forthcoming at times of economic hardship or natural disaster.  More than anywhere else, we seem to come together to help the victims of floods, hurricanes, fires and other disasters.  We are moved by a common humanity which is part of the American character.

The anti-immigrant rhetoric which has roiled our country seems to fall away in some very conservative areas when the issue is helping those in need.  We get past our differences.  In fact, in Kansas City, where I live, there was a vigil attended by 1,300 people.  What was significant was that it was held at a conservative Protestant church which probably had many of its members supporting Trump.

The Democrats, which I have observed before, do a terrible job in relating to people of faith in smaller communities.  Perhaps now we have a common cause to help those who have fled tyranny and war to find a home in America as many of our ancestors did.  Let us hope that this might represent the beginning of a new American time when we get past our differences and are drawn together by our common humanity.