As we look over the horizon and see the action by President Trump against Syria, it is important to note what it means and what it doesn’t.  First, as a response to the Syrian gas attack, it appears to be appropriate.  What is unclear is how considered a response it was by the President.  What should not be assumed is that our President suddenly understood the gravity and complexity of the situation in Syria and the connected parts and, after understanding the implications, made a considered decision.

Nothing that has happened to date should give anyone comfort that the President has any understanding of policy or how it is made.  While his vaunted “instincts” in this instance appear to be correct, there is the old adage of how even a broken clock is correct twice a day.

The last instance of watching our President use his great negotiating skills was when he took a bill (which of course he neither read nor understood) and promoted it like it was a new high rise and he was promising the leaks in the roof would be fixed if only people would sign up.  During this endeavor, he turned off the moderates by appealing to the far right in his party who would only settle for something that could never pass.  I think someone needs to tell him he is no longer selling courses at Trump University.

This all gets back to the Syria situation because now the hard stuff begins.  I am sure Jared Kushner is a bright guy but expecting him to handle China and the Middle East on his day off is probably unrealistic.  But little is real in this White House and now that we are about to be at war again in the Middle East, the price we will all pay for the hubris reinforced by ignorance is about to go up.