I was surprised that all of Washington was shocked when the President fired FBI Director, James Comey.  It was only a matter of time that this President would act in this way when Comey refused to get the hint that the whole Russian hacking was fake news.  As many people who are still part of this administration have discovered, this leader is not interested in dissent, especially if it might be embarrassing to him or his family.  What is also interesting is the total lack of understanding of how those people who felt Comey acted injudiciously during the campaign would concur in the firing of the person leading the investigation of the connection of the Trump campaign and the Russians.

When you have no sense of propriety, why should you expect this action create a backlash?  After you have attacked the judiciary, told the Speaker of the House what to do, ignored the mendacity of your National Security Advisor, humiliated your party’s former nominees, how can you have any sense of what type of behavior is acceptable?  The fact that the Congress has somehow ignored and even endorsed this behavior is lamentable, but I am confident that President Trump is as unconcerned about the reaction to the Comey firing as he was to the content of the House Healthcare bill.

When you have no sense of constraints in your life, it is hard at age 70 to suddenly begin to behave as if other people matter.  When anything you say today is forgotten tomorrow, why should it matter if Comey is fired?  It is not as if there are 10 good men and women in the Senate from the Republican side who will hold him accountable.  Or are there?  This is the first real test that is not on policy but on governance and the rule of law.  It will be interesting to see who does what.