Back in June, I wrote about the need for some Republican to step forward and honestly assess the problems created by the President.  I used France in 1940 as an analogy and asked, “Who is the DeGaulle” for the Republicans?  Well, perhaps we have our answer.

Senator Bob Corker is a conservative member of the Senate.  He votes that way on most things and is by all appearances a decent human being who was successful in business before he entered politics.  What he did last Sunday was, in effect, point out that the emperor has no clothes.

When he pointed out publicly what many of his colleagues have been saying privately about the danger to our country of the constant comments of the President who evidently thinks that he can behave as if he is still on a reality television show, it may be the breaking up of the logjam that has kept Republicans quiet for too long.  Does Paul Ryan not feel the same way?  How about Mitch McConnell?  We know that some have stepped upon policy grounds (McCain, Collins, Paul, Murkowski).  We also know that it is hard to break publicly with a President of your own party.  It took Democrats in the 60’s longer than it should have to break with Johnson on Vietnam.  Still, I am hoping that Corker’s profile in courage will be remembered in the same way that Joseph Welch’s confrontation with Senator Joseph McCarthy is.  Back then, Welch asked McCarthy, “Have you no sense of decency sir?” No one would bother asking that question of our President.  We all know the answer.