Just when I thought we had finally reached the lowest bar possible which might disqualify someone from being considered as a viable candidate, i.e., child molestation, I was proven wrong again.  Instead, I can only suppose pedophilia might be the act; with this current climate, however, I am unsure.  And we would need pictures that were not Photoshopped.  Even that may not be enough when we hear the Governor of Alabama, who said she believes the women who say Roy Moore either molested them or behaved in an aggressive manner while they were teenagers and he was in his 30’s, she will still support him rather than see a Democrat go to the United States Senate from Alabama.

Think of the great US Senators that must be spinning in their graves over the thought that things have come to this point.  How can religious leaders not be appalled by this behavior?  It is suggested that Democrats looked the other way regarding Bill Clinton so that explains this.  I agree that the ethical bankruptcy that the Left showed regarding Clinton’s behavior with women was deplorable (dare I use that word here).  It was and is inexcusable.  The same is true for those who ignored the words and deeds of President Trump and decided to give him a pass if the only other option was Hillary Clinton as President.

Where does that leave us?  It seems to me that we need to start over.  Instead of pointing to terrible behavior by those on the other side of the political spectrum, we all better get our ideas of right and wrong in sync.  Roy Moore molested a 14-year old girl.  What else is there to consider?  John Conyers harassed a staff member for years and is resigning as he should have long ago.  There is no dispute here.

Unless we can agree on a moral structure that applies across political lines we are in serious trouble.  I wrote several months ago that Democrats needed to hold Democrats to higher standards and Republicans needed to do the same with their own.  It actually looked promising when Mitch McConnell said he believed the women.  Then, when the President decided that he would endorse Moore, McConnell waffled a bit and we now face the very real prospect of Moore winning.  While that may prove a pyrrhic victory for the Republicans (and I think many of them know that),  the country will be the poorer for having a known child molester in the Senate with the unabashed support of the President of the United States.

My father used to say when someone said something outrageous or obviously false, “how can he say that with his bare face hanging out?”  Every time I hear our President speak, I hear my father uttering those words.