As we come to the end of the first year of the Trump Administration, it is worthwhile to review what has happened.  First, it is important to note the progress made with ISIS and recognize that the situation is better today than it was.  Also, the economy is doing well, with the market up significantly, much to my surprise.  I think the tax cut will not work out well, but again I may be wrong.  At least we don’t have Roy Moore in the Senate so we should consider that a Christmas gift worth savoring.

The President continues to go unabated in his remarkable degrading of the various institutions in America.  The FBI, the CIA, the State Department all have flaws that could be pointed out and lead to improving the way they operate.  Unfortunately, it appears that we will only see tweets that will undermine their efficacy and make them less able to do their jobs.

Margaret Talev of Bloomberg news had the most perceptive question this past Sunday.  She acknowledged that Trump will continue to behave the way he does, but the question is, can anyone else act that way and get away with it?  Surely, we will see mini me’s, but I am not sure they will have the same leeway that our President has.  Only time will tell.

Speaking of time, I have been saying for a while that I believe Robert Mueller will be fired by Trump or his enabler.  The question now is, does anyone really believe that the Republicans would do anything if he was?  We have this absurd attack on Mueller which only the Fox News crazies could continue, yet they are trying to make the firing have a basis for the faithful who may buy the nonsense they are selling.  The Democrats, meanwhile, are overplaying their hand on the tax cut.  It will probably be a bad thing but it is not the end of the world as we know it.  And by the way, they could have held everything hostage to keep the government open but instead went home for Christmas.

As we head into the new year it would be a relief if the two parties could get together on infrastructure and immigration.  It would also be better if the President stopped tweeting.  I will settle for no more crazy attempts to make believe that facts don’t exist.  It would be a welcome resolution for all.