So now that draining the swamp is not the priority it once was, it is important to anticipate what comes next in this drama. I think we can safely assume that Trump will be unchanged and unbowed by his office.

When you have had the good fortune to do whatever you want for most of your life and your errors have not cost you very much, why would you ever change? At age 70, we have in Donald Trump, as Tom Wolfe would say, “a man in full,” and we can expect for the next four years a series of unrelated tweets that really are nothing more than verbalized mood rings. For those of you too young to remember mood rings, their color was supposed to change depending on your state of mind. That is what Trump’s tweets are, no more, but no less.

With all the hand-wringing in many quarters about his cabinet, I think we need to keep our eye on the ball. Trump is the only actor in this play. There may be other bit players, soothsayers and oracles, but only Trump is the star of the show. Let me assure you that when things go wrong he will go to great lengths to first deny they are wrong, and if ultimately that won’t work, he will find a yet another bit player (read “cabinet member”) to accuse of disloyalty which explains the problem and send him/her on their way.

The point here is that only Trump matters. He likes it that way and, after all, that got him to the White House. Why would he change things now?