It has been interesting to watch the maneuvering of Benjamin Netanyahu during his four terms as the Israeli prime minister.  He has vacillated and had coalitions that revolved and dissolved according to the shifting winds in Israeli politics.  During his latest iteration, he decided to blame on President Obama all things that he could not do to satisfy the right wing in Israel, which is his base of power.

Can’t bomb Iran?  Obama said no.  Can’t stay in Lebanon?  Obama said no.  Virtually everything that the ultra-right wanted, he would not do, he said, because the US (read “Obama”) threatened withdrawal of support.  To prove his mettle, he even interfered in the 2012 US elections to try and help Mitt Romney and, later, spoke to Congress against the Iranian deal.

Well, now he has no more excuses for the ultra-right. The new American ambassador-designate, David Friedman, is against the two state solution. Plus, President-elect Trump has promised unconditional support after the US abstention at the UN and Secretary of State John Kerry’s speech about where things stand in the area today. Now Netanyahu has no one to blame for behaving even more poorly than usual.  So, it will be interesting to see what he does next.

Historically, to Prime Minister Netanyahu, every failure belongs to someone not named “Bibi.” His new partner, Donald Trump, has a similar view of the world. I wonder whose fault the next disaster will be.  President Obama will be out of office, Hillary Clinton is mercifully out of sight and Simon Peres has died.  Is there anyone left to blame?  Maybe Jimmy Carter?  Why not?  Apparently, it won’t be Bibi’s or Trump’s.