For many, the impending prospect of the Trump presidency is still unimaginable.  They have created false hope around recounts, faithless electors and last minute congressional Hail Mary’s.  I am sorry to report it is time to get a grip on reality.

What will happen is we will have a peaceful transition from one of the smartest and most gracious Presidents to one of the most ignorant and ungracious ones. Note I used the word ignorant.  Trump may not lack the intellect, but what he apparently fails to understand is the unintended consequences of his moody tweets.

As long as people continue to act as if these tweets are more than his modern day mood ring, there will be much scurrying about and wringing of hands.  What his aides have to deal with is, every day is a new day with Trump and his mood ring may be red when they thought it would be blue.  On the other hand, since he is so ignorant about policy, both domestic and foreign, they can and probably will manipulate him to follow their script.

For example, when he roars (or tweets) about changing our trade policy, they can make minimal adjustments, get business leaders to praise his brilliance and he will never look back.  He will choose to believe that which he thinks makes him look good since that is his only benchmark for success.

Now looking good is a normal political measure, but rarely is it the only one.  When things don’t work out, he will either deny they haven’t worked (“dishonest media”) or blame his opponents (“losers”) who have undermined his ideas.  We know right now he will never have a bad idea and no adverse developments will be his fault.  It will be like the old story of a man caught with pictures of himself and another woman saying to his wife, “Who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes?”

Buckle up!  It’s going to be wild.