Okay, Democrats you get one more week to wring your hands and get on television decrying the Russia scandal.  Make sure everyone knows you are outraged and desire to get at the truth.  And then stop talking about it.

At long last, the situation is being investigated by a real prosecutor, Robert Mueller.  There are several Congressional committees using serious resources to find out what happened.  And the much maligned press is actually doing its job once again in forcing everyone to pay attention to all things Russian and Trump.

Therefore, it is time for everyone else to get back to work – that means you.

There is the ACA which needs someone to lay out a plan to fix it and educate people about the ridiculous things being said about how the House bill will actually improve things.  I am waiting for someone to point out that the primary attack on the ACA and the expansion of Medicaid was what would happen if the feds cut off the funding.  Where is that same concern about the block grants to the states?  How about someone pointing out that if more people have insurance, those of us who have always had it will pay less because if people get healthcare with no insurance who do you think pays for it?

And that doesn’t even mention tax reform or infrastructure funding.  We have no real budget.  The debt limit vote is coming.  The situation with our allies in Europe is a serious problem which will affect trade, NATO, and dealing with terrorism and sanctions on rogue nations.  Let’s get about the business of talking to the American people so they know what the choices are.

And, Republicans, you’re not off the hook.  Let the White House deal with Russia.  You have majorities in the Congress, but try to see if there are compromises that will bring more of the country with you.  Don’t rely upon the coercive power of the government (which, as conservatives, you don’t agree with anyway) to force your ideas on our citizens.  Take your ideas to the marketplace and make the future about more than who wins the next election.  In short, set a good example so the next time the Democrats have power, they will have a path to follow that is good for our country.  Both parties need one badly.