The only thing that compared with the decision on the Paris Accord this week was the remarkable interview with Hillary Clinton about her campaign.  Actually, it was the continuing Clinton effort to be relevant at a time when her every utterance reminds people why they voted for Donald Trump.  After first taking responsibility for losing a campaign that was virtually unlosable, she proceeded to blame everyone else for her loss.  Instead of looking back and realizing that, with the baggage she and her husband brought the race, perhaps she should not have run in the first place, she found herself relatively blameless.  She is back to defending the server disaster and now claims it was no big deal.

It is time to focus on the future and that means Hillary should stop focusing on the past. 

Look, I supported her, gave her money and campaigned for her.  However, instead of acknowledging that she had a chance to do something other than give speeches to make money during her time between being Secretary of State and running for President, she behaved selfishly and doomed her candidacy.  She is very talented and smart.  What she is not, however, is someone who knows when to leave the stage.  Any other Democrat would have defeated Donald Trump.  No one else would still be whining about how poorly she was treated by the press over the server issue – which she created in the first place.

The Clinton mentality that there is a certain entitlement is what made her lose.  And she still doesn’t get it.  There were plenty of bad actors, but there always are.  Just ask any losing candidate.  What the country needs now are voices raised about the future.  Let’s stop litigating what cannot be changed.  Hillary should join Bill at the Foundation where they can hopefully do good work without focusing on the many ways they have been mistreated.  We have already wasted enough time and money on that delusion.