I am sure I would have never liked James Comey. He is like the guy in school who would remind the teacher to give you your homework assignment. He was probably the hall monitor who never got in trouble, but always reported your bad behavior. Not because he was a snitch, but because he was the original Dudley Doright. Not a guy to go out drinking with or to try to find beer before you were legal. In short, not a guy anyone really wanted to hang with. But one thing you know about a guy like Comey is, he is very careful. He may worry a bit too much about his Boy Scout image (see both press accounts on Hillary’s emails), but he is not a liar and he doesn’t say things that he cannot back up.

Now that he, our public moralizer, has had his first (of many, I am sure) day in the sun as an aggrieved person, we look to see what the response is to what he had to say. Of course, President Trump has denounced him as a liar and offered to testify under oath. Two points here: 1) Trump lies without thinking so he may actually think he is telling the truth about Comey and 2) he will never testify under oath. And what is the Congressional reaction to Comey’s testimony? First, the Democrats are, of course, shocked. This is the same person they vilified and who, in her continued wanderings about the country, Hillary blames for her loss. Now he is to be believed. The Republicans don’t dispute what he is saying, but they are trying to offer up excuses.

According to Paul Ryan, the President is not experienced enough to know that asking the FBI director to let go of someone under investigation is inappropriate. He isn’t familiar with government… so the explanation goes. Does that mean if Bill Clinton did not understand that having sex with interns was frowned upon in Washington it really was no big deal? I think that a more accurate explanation is that Trump was used to having fixers like Roy Cohn to sweep up whatever mess he ought to have created with his business or personal dealings. So maybe he thought that Comey was just another Roy Cohn. And why not? He surrounded himself with Steve Bannon, Michael Flynn, et al, so to him these people were indeed fungible.

I think we need to see how this all ends. I am confident that Mueller will do his job. I also think if he finds something that might implicate Trump or his family, he will be fired. I know everyone thinks that can’t happen since he already fired Comey, but this is Trump we are dealing with so if I were Bob Mueller, I wouldn’t get too settled in.