Some friends have told me they believe the media is biased against Trump.  They perceive bias against conservatives in general and think there is very little, if any, straight news reporting.  Now I recognize the points of view from MSNBC and Fox News – these networks are certainly biased – one quite liberal, the other quite conservative, relatively speaking, and not trying to hide it.  But, when it comes to flagrant but unspoken bias, people kept complaining about CNN.  Quite frankly, I avoided CNN completely because I find Wolff Blitzer so annoying. His approach to the news is like everything is a breathtaking development. He is sort of the Howard Cossell of news, which for those of you too young to remember Howard, that is not a compliment.  His breathless announcement of “breaking news” includes the continuation of a discussion by CNN analysts of a hearing that ended an hour before.  Nothing said is new or very insightful after the first five minutes, yet the breathlessness continues.

That said, while in Europe, I find myself stuck with CNN as my primary television news source and now I understand why my Republican friends think they are biased.  It’s because they are.

As anyone who reads this blog knows, I am no fan of President Trump.  However, the reporters or analysts or whatever euphemism they are using for television created celebrities these days, are, in most cases, so obviously anti-Trump, that even if they have a valid observation to share, it is undermined by their extreme bias.  I was particularly struck by an exchange after the Sessions hearing, involving an interview with Congressman Adam Schiff, the ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee. When asked what Congress could do if Sessions refused to answer questions, Schiff said a contempt of Congress citation was possible.  Immediately, Howard… oops, sorry! I mean Wolff, breathlessly turned to Jeffry Toobin, the network’s legal analyst, and asked, “hear what Adam Schiff just said?” In response, Toobin, a smart guy, made the same observation anyone with an IQ above 80 would make by saying, “But Adam Schiff is a Democrat and they can’t pass anything.”

So, no breaking news, no big story… just a group of paid pundits whose outrage about all things Trump is palpable. This is not good for anyone.

CNN, at one time, was a news network.  Now, with all its countdowns before events, it is like a cross between and a gladiator match and a kickoff time for a football game.  I suppose if things weren’t so serious right now, it wouldn’t matter.  However, what we now have is the news media having rewritten Lenin’s famous favorite slogan.  Instead of, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” (or some similar variant), now it is, “my friend’s enemy is my enemy.”  That is no way for a democracy to work.