It is really remarkable that in 10 days Anthony Scaramucci (aka “The Mooch”) was able to flame out. Even in Trumpland, this may be a new destruction speed record. Michael Flynn, after all, lasted almost three weeks as National Security Advisor. So now with General John Kelly in charge of the White House, things are going to get organized, right? Well, not so fast.

Sending the Mooch flying out the door on the heels of Reince Priebus was a nice bit of color, but the real problems run much deeper than the mini-me of Trump that the Mooch wanted to be. With Jeff Sessions in limbo, Steve Bannon still trolling around, and the family picnic being a daily event in the West Wing, there is much to do.

Perhaps we need the General to send another body out the door to really change the environment in the White House. Unfortunately, the only person whose departure can change things is the President himself. So, what we are seeing now, I am afraid, is another rearrangement of the deck chairs on the Titanic with Trump being the iceberg in the water. The over/under for Kelly’s tenure is six months. I am taking the under.