So, it has been another crazy week in a constant series of them over the past six months.  The General seems to be trying to restore order in the White House and senators are trying to act responsibly on healthcare (since someone needs to).  The President has gone on vacation which of course earned the response that it wasn’t a vacation. It seems that lying about everything is a badge of honor with this guy.

Now the question occurs as to what will the Democrats do next?  They have to wait for Mueller to go forward on Russia, et al.  They can wait until Trump tries to fire him and use that as the launch for their next assault, but I would suggest another approach.  We really need to fix the health exchanges and it isn’t that complicated substantively, only politically.  So, let them make it easier for the Republicans to fix it. I know that is a novel approach these days, but if you really think the tone and manner of acting need to change, let’s try to do it by example.  I really think many Americans would notice and approve.

Meanwhile, I am told by Democratic friends that Bernie is running in 2020.  Biden is also seriously considering it so the Democrats have to think about whether the future of their party is with people in their mid-70’s who have run before.  And, of course, there are probably 20 others who are thinking about it; there will only be room for one of them.
I am hoping that we can look at some new people to lead both parties out of the current swamp that they inhabit.  While I have written before about the parties’ inability to do anything but raise money by spewing hate for the other side, hopefully, we will find people to whom this will be unacceptable.  Jeff Flake’s Conscience of a Conservative is a good start.  He at least has the courage to recognize what has happened to his movement. Now just imagine if Paul Ryan suddenly developed a conscience what might happen.