So now that our President is in a war of words with the lunatic who is the leader of North Korea, the White House admits that “fire and fury” were not part of the script.  Perhaps from his reading of scripture, the President is finding his voice as an apocalyptic prophet, but I must say it is hard to compare Donald Trump with the Prophet Amos.  Rather, it is a reflection of how he still thinks of his Presidency as a television show.  Now that would merely be unpleasant and discouraging if we were not talking about the use of nuclear weapons.

This is the crisis that everyone felt would be problematic for this administration.  The way it is going so far, that is a massive understatement.  Oh, and for those who want to ignore science on the environment, nuclear bomb blasts actually do put into the atmosphere radiation that hangs around for a while and is apt to not be confined to the blast site.

It is very quiet on the Congressional front regarding the most recent comments from the President who sounds like an old General Curtis Lemay rerun.  Recall from the 1960s, Lemay is the general who wanted to “bomb them back to the stone ages.”  While John McCain has weighed in, where is Tom Cotton and Lindsay Graham?  And, the quiet from Speaker Paul Ryan is deafening.  Maybe he is trying to work on his French so his role as the head of America’s version of Vichy is more life-like.

We need some help here people.  The President is about to get us into a war with nuclear weapons being used. This is neither a rehearsal nor a television show.  Would someone please do something?