I am still trying to process what happened in Charlottesville this weekend.  When I look at the pictures of people with Nazi flags and salutes, hear the anti-Semitic chants as well as the racist tropes, it gives me the shivers.  My father grew up in Nazi Germany and he experienced that mentality until he was able to flee in 1939.  What I keep wondering is how anyone in a position of responsibility cannot condemn these people?  It really doesn’t matter if there were other people there who did not behave well.  This activity is so anti-American, how could anyone fail to grasp the importance of rejecting it?

Yet our President, who routinely skewers people on Twitter for failing to follow his lead, didn’t get it.  And, that is giving him the benefit of the doubt.  It would be far worse if he did get it and chose to equivocate.  Now, he’s already trying to clean things up, but this really is kind of a litmus test of one’s view of humanity.  Maybe the satisfaction of unsettling the established order of things is so enjoyable for Trump, that he has lost any perspective on how a President in times like this should behave.  While his feral cunning may have landed him in the White House, it is possible that this is the bridge too far for Republicans whose horror is every bit as real as that of the Democrats.

The next few days and weeks will be important and we really can’t lose sight of what has happened and the fact that it happened here in our own country.  What are we and our leaders going to do about it?