I haven’t written for a week or so just because of how weird things have been. First, the President announces a new strategy for Afghanistan which sounded a lot like an old strategy and is likely to be as effective as the last 16 years have been. Before he “explained” what he was going to do there, he read a rather bromide filled page or two of how important it is to remain united as a people. After this sober speech (it was about war, after all), the President headed to Phoenix.

Once in Phoenix, the sobriety was gone. So was the talk of being “united.” Instead, we heard that the news media wants America to fail, John McCain (who, by the way, is being treated for brain cancer) was criticized for his vote on healthcare and Jeff Flake, who votes with Trump, was criticized because he finds Trump’s behavior unacceptable. He then went on to read selected portions of his remarks after Charlottesville, leaving out the offensive parts. He also implied he would pardon Sheriff Joe Apeiro who was held in criminal contempt for harassing Hispanics. Of course, then came the pardon.

It is hard to imagine what comes next. I suppose that if his pardon finger is as itchy as his Twitter finger, maybe he will pardon his family and friends and then announce the Russia investigation is over. He will say he is pardoning them not because they did anything wrong, but to keep the Democrats and “fake news media” from distracting him from doing the people’s business. Finally, he can then fire Robert Mueller because there will be nothing left to investigate.

His pardon of Apeiro did evidently awaken the long slumbering conscience of Paul Ryan who found it unacceptable. Perhaps the empty vessel approach to using Trump to pass an agenda has finally overflowed with bile and those who willfully chose to ignore Trump’s behavior have reached their limit. I certainly hope so and hope they act in a manner that is consistent with the way they want to be remembered before the itchy finger strikes again.