Once you’ve had your fill of news related to Hurricane Harvey and the various inanities surrounding Hillary’s new book (just what we need), what is happening regarding health insurance in Minnesota is worth looking at.  A bill (opposed by the Democrats) passed creating a reinsurance fund for all claims between $50 and $250,000.  That means that all claims that are within those figures will be paid to the insurer at a rate of 80%.  Thus, the insurer no longer has to look for a way to retreat from the marketplace.  What is remarkable is that not only does this work, but Democrats who opposed it are (albeit reluctantly) acknowledging its value.  Imagine that!

Now, Minnesota has long been a state of innovation and relatively civil discourse.  With the exception of electing a professional wrestler as governor, the state has produced many important political leaders on both sides of the aisle.  Could this example serve as a template for the future?  Unfortunately, I am not hopeful.

Democrats should be taking this example and bringing it to Congress as a way forward. I know it doesn’t play so well with the base that is all about economic disparity, but in many cases, they are more interested in proving their point than in improving peoples’ lives.  Ideological purity has kept the Republicans from being serious about health reform and it is about to have the same impact on the Democrats.

The Republicans have the majority in the Congress.  That means, in a functional system, their ideas have greater impact but are not the only ones to be part of a path forward. When either party decides that only they can create the future, it is doomed to fail.  Why can’t both parties recognize that there is something more important than the next election?

I have written about the failure of each side to bring their ideas to the marketplace.  It is easier to win an election by bashing their opponents than by convincing Americans that their ideas are better for the country.  Why can’t we have a discussion on what is best for America and not best for just you or me.  Until we do, I am afraid we will continue to be victims of the rented strangers that have created an electoral industry that thrives on our willingness to believe the worst about each other.  Both parties are controlled by the people who raise the money which is based on how bad the other side is.  If you listen closely, you can hear Thomas Jefferson weeping because this was not what he envisioned when he wrote the Declaration of Independence. Perhaps there is a different direction that people of good character will follow.  Let me know if you discover it.