The last week was filled with so many things it is hard to decide which doesn’t deserve comment. We have our President playing “wag the dog” with his dissing of athletes who want to use their status to amplify protests. It plays well with his base and keeps the eyes of the nation off the North Korean situation. Also, his strange endorsement of Luther Strange in Alabama (no pun intended) reinforces the message that he will be loyal to himself and his family. Everyone else, not so much.

Next, Trump’s relationship with the Senate Republicans is about to get worse. Lindsay Graham, who occasionally looks like he wants to be a statesman, wandered into a field about which he knows little, healthcare, but this limited knowledge didn’t stop him from trying to pass a bill that would have very serious negative results for many people. I do not believe he is a person that wants to do that, but he chose to believe what he wanted to and now his effort will fail so he can be scorned by Trump as a loser (again) along with Mitch McConnell.

I do want to point out why this healthcare bill is so dangerous. The key to the ACA (Obamacare) was that everyone could get insurance and everyone needed to have it. By spreading the risk among all Americans, it would be affordable for those with expensive-to-treat ailments now and in the future. Furthermore, by requiring all policies to cover certain conditions, all of the policies would ensure that anyone with a problem would be covered. Finally, by restricting the cost differential between those with an expensive medical condition and those without one, it made insurance affordable for everyone. As to the idea of not charging sick people more than people who are well, we have something called Medicare that does exactly that. Seems to work out pretty well. Anyway, with John McCain continuing to grasp the nettle and do the right thing, we can now fix the problems of the ACA and the only person standing in the way of that is Paul Ryan. Let’s see what he does, as I am confident that President Trump will want a win on healthcare and since he is unfamiliar with the policies or trade-offs, he will sign whatever reaches his desk.

Finally, we saw Hillary Clinton on her “Blame Tour.” She is touting her new book that blames James Comey, the Russians and maybe herself (a little) for what happened. All I have to say is the only conceivable reason she is doing this must be the money from the book. And we know she and Bill need it. After all, she may not be able to knock down the big bucks she shook loose from Goldman Sachs since she is now (to paraphrase Donald Trump) just another loser.