Now that there appears to be a chance for progress on a number of issues facing our country as a result of the new Trump, Chuck and Nancy Show, the predictable reactions have been heard. On the Right, Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh are upset. But then they are always upset. On the Left, we have the rented strangers of the Democratic Left warning that if they actually work with Trump, the elections in 2018 may not be as good for the Democrats. After all, they are gearing up new Super Pacs to attack Republicans on health care and, if a compromise is reached, there will be less animosity, it will be harder to raise money and the hoped-for takeover of the House will not occur. Of course, the country will be better off, but that is beside the point to these folks. As to the Dreamers, they must be less important than giving up a potent political issue for the campaign.

On that note, Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos was in Kansas City. While I think many of her ideas will not generate the results she hopes for, to accuse her of wanting to hurt public education is absurd. Her policies are predicated on a desire to make things better for students and their parents. Just as when parents want more control of the schools (a dubious proposition at best), her ideas are not evil. Though don’t anticipate they will yield the desired result, I have been wrong before and it is not as if public education has been a roaring success in recent times. As to the answer (i.e. more money) being the cure, I would have everyone read the book about the Newark system, The Prize: Who’s In Charge of America’s Schools?, to see that money helps, but is not guaranteed to solve problems.

Next, I agree with Harvard’s decision to revoke the Fellowship awarded to Chelsea Manning. I was the Ambassador to Portugal when Wikileaks published the trove of classified cables that were taken by Manning. It created unnecessary consternation and embarrassment for our country in a friendly environment. Colleagues in less friendly environments had serious issues and people’s lives were put at risk. Manning may have been a troubled woman in a man’s body, but she committed treason as a member of our military. It is not a small thing and while I appreciate President Obama’s shortening her sentence based on compassion, to honor someone who committed these acts is, to my way of thinking, inappropriate.

And finally, why did the media give a hoot about the shoes worn by the First Lady? Did anyone care what shoes Obama wore during Hurricane Sandy? There is plenty to point out that is lacking in the Trump White House, but maybe they can leave her alone even if it deprives the breathless Wolf Blitzer of another “Breaking News” story.