Where to begin?  First, we have Hillary Clinton’s decision to speak out regarding the sexually inappropriate behavior discussion that is going on in the wake of Roy Moore and Al Franken.  Of all the issues that she has equivocated on over the years, this is it.  With Bill being a headliner on this topic, I wish she would have stayed on her book tour or been speaking in a foreign land.  I will be surprised if she doesn’t make it into a Roy Moore campaign commercial.  I would also appreciate it if she would quit whining about the election result.  When you behave in a way that makes Al Gore seem warm and fuzzy, it is time to leave the stage.

Then, of course, not to be outdone in ridiculous behavior, our President tweets about Al Franken with the explanation that since Franken apologized, he did it, and is a bad guy.  Roy Moore said he didn’t do it, so who knows?  And the 12 or more women that accused Trump of his behavior?  Well, so the White House spins it, he won the election so the women are not to be believed.  I am relieved that Bill Clinton hasn’t resorted to that logic…, yet.

However, we are not yet done.  Then the President tweets that he should have left the basketball players arrested in China in jail since the father of one failed to give Trump enough credit.  And, finally, in order to help his tax bill along, he tweets that Jeff Flake will probably oppose the bill because his political career is “toast.”

Speaking of the tax bill, it is amazing how Republicans have evolved.  Paul Ryan used to talk about how tax reform needed to be revenue neutral.  Now the debate is whether the deficit produced by this effort will be $1.5 or $2.2 trillion.  With their puffery on growth, they seem to ignore the reality of what has happened in the past.  They like to point to the tepid growth under Obama but they are not being honest.  During Obama’s eight years, the average was under 2% because in the first year, with a failing economy that he inherited, it was a minus 8%.  Try to wipe that away in eight years and it doesn’t look pretty.   While there are plenty of arguments worth making, claiming that growth was slow without acknowledging the situation when Obama took office is disingenuous at best.

I think Roy Moore will lose the election.  While the voters of Alabama are conservative, they are not unmindful of a past that has not been kind to them.  Moore represents the worst in Alabama’s political history and I have faith in the voters there to change the storyline.  As to the future of the tax bill, I am betting against the House Bill, and believe that it is possible that a “skinny” tax bill might make it through so that corporate rates are reduced.  You have to do something for the donors or they might keep their wallets closed in 2018.