Kirsten Gillibrand, the junior Senator from New York, is under fire from the Clinton attack dogs for saying that Bill Clinton’s behavior toward women justified having him resign. Remember that from Juanita Broaddrick to Paula Jones to Kathleen Willey, there were allegations of behavior that were much more serious than those committed by Al Franken, who some are asking to resign his seat in the Senate.

The upshot of the attack is that since Gillibrand had enjoyed support from the Clintons in the past, she was disloyal and ungrateful. As always, the Clinton approach is that if they ever did anything for you, you must ignore anything that they do no matter how unseemly. It is almost Trumpian in their fixation with people who criticize their behavior. It is particularly relevant as we examine the Roy Moore situation on the heels of Harvey Weinstein, et al.

The Right makes the argument that the liberals gave Bill Clinton a pass on his behavior because they agreed with his politics. This is undeniable. If we have reached a point that women will be believed (finally) and the rebuttable assumption is that they are telling the truth, there are two things that should now happen. First, we should apologize to Anita Hill who spoke the truth about Clarence Thomas and was pilloried by Republicans in the Senate, some of whom are still serving. Secondly, we should apologize to the women that Clinton took advantage of and stop making excuses for him or jokes about his accusers. Since he can’t run again, how hard should that be?