With the formal disengagement from Roy Moore as a Senate candidate, the Republicans are in serious damage control mode.  While his previous activities would have disqualified him in some quarters, since the party has accepted Trump’s antics, the bar of acceptable is lower than it ever was.

Actually, the Republicans have no choice.  If Moore is elected, he will be in all ads run by Democrats in 2018.  If they can’t get Moore to step down (and I doubt if they can), they will launch a write-in campaign for someone, perhaps Luther Strange.  They know this may give a path for a Democrat to be elected, but the thinking is better a Democrat we can defeat next time out than someone who may bring the whole house down upon us next year.

I suppose we should be grateful.  While we always wondered what it would take for the Republicans to act against certain behavior, we now know that child molestation is a bridge too far.  I guess that is something.