I wrote several months ago about the opportunity that Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell had to reach across the aisle and solve some of the problems facing our country.  They are both experienced in the ways of government and, with a President of their own party who they could not count on to behave in an acceptable manner, they could assume a leadership role and show the country that compromise and bipartisanship were possible to rediscover.  They both chose to go a different route.  They thought with majorities in both House and the Senate they could finally enact their agenda.  Of course, they were wrong.

What is so interesting is that President Trump realized that his chance for a win was to reach out to the Democrats and he did so successfully.  He left both Ryan and McConnell not only twisting in the wind but, in the case of Ryan, he had him doing backflips trying to act like he actually knew the words to the tune Trump was humming.  The only surprise is that these seasoned pols were surprised.

And now we have DACA to fix, which by the way is not difficult to do.  Think about it.  The executive order of President Obama can be put into law if the Congress is willing to pass it.  Who opposes it now?  Not the President nor Ryan or McConnell.  Not Trump’s new friends Chuck and Nancy.  Not the business community.  Only the so-called “box car” crowd (those who would ship all undocumented people in box cars out of the country) of Bannon and company would complain.  So why not do it immediately?  Perhaps we can actually make progress with Trump showing the way forward.  If I were either Ryan or McConnell I would grasp the nettle and make common cause with non-crazy Democrats before the President does it again and makes them look like Donald Trump’s ultimate insult:  Losers.